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Comfortable & Stylish Mens & Womens Casual Slippers  in fetching colors and multiple sizes are what we showcase....

Ta Hawai Chappal- A Name To Rely On

'Relax' and 'comfort' are two words which since ages have been associated with good quality 'Slippers'. The first footwear our feet get to feel early morning after rising from bed are our slippers. Thus, it is important that footwear, especially chappals and slippers give maximum comfort to the feet. However, the task of modern footwear companies has become little difficult because now modern day people of all age groups, beside looking for comfort in slippers, also searches for perfect designs and styles. We are a modern company for which this aforesaid thing is not a tiring task but a lovable job because making customers happy is what we strive for day in and night as a manufacturer & wholesaler. By serving a collection that encompasses Hawai Chappal, Fancy Slippers, Mens Casual Slippers,Womens Casual Slippers, Kids Slippers etc., we are making comfort meet style, design and latest trends. If there has to be the pictured description of the word 'Perfection', our attractive & comfy Slippers are an ideal representation.

Why Chossing Us ?

We are making comfort meet style, design and latest trends.

Experience Proper Fit & Comfort With Trendy Slippers

'We didn't find what we were looking for' is a statement of every failed footwear shopping. Choices of people have modified a lot with changing time.

Modern Production Making Us Serve Quantity With Quality

Automated production process helps us in making Men Slippers, Women Slippers, Formal Slippers etc., in less time period with no compromise in quality.

Why Are We Best?

We are better than the rest of the companies dealing in similar category because we make our valued patrons have nothing below perfect design and quality of Slippers.